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A student learning how to roll her sea kayak.
Location: Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia. Photo credit: Karl Vollmer

Instructor Trainer Candidate Mentorship Evaluation Form

This evaluation form is to be completed by the Instructor Trainer Mentor for each mentorship.

If a mentorship requires two evaluating IT Mentors, they should submit two separate evaluations.

To submit this form successfully you will be asked for:

  • membership information for both you and your IT candidate,
  • the sanctioned course number that the mentorship took place on,
  • proof of completion of your candidates online training (a photo of or an electronic copy of the certificate),
  • specific feedback on various aspects of the mentorship on areas where your candidate took the lead.

After submission, a copy of this evaluation form will be sent to both yourself and the IT Candidate.

NOTE: If you click the SAVE button, you will be re-directed to a new page with instructions on how to return to your work!