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Get Involved

As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on the work of volunteers.
There are many ways to volunteer with us.

Volunteering with Paddle Canada is a great way to be involved in shaping our community and to share paddling with folks from all over the country.

Volunteering with Paddle Canada is a wonderful opportunity to give back and also shape our paddling community moving forward. You get to work and connect with wonderful individuals from all across the country and work together to develop our paddle programming and our community.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some reasons our current volunteers chose to volunteer with us:

“I want to support and foster the community of paddlers we all belong to both on the provincial and on the national level.”

“Serving on the BoD has helped me to feel part of the national paddling community”

“I am […] proud to be representing my region and to be a voice for my province”

“Being on the Board will provide you with “leading edge” information and the opportunity to ensure all Canadians have the ability to take up paddle sports to have fun in a knowledgeable and safe manner.  After all, it is in our heritage!”

“[Volunteering] enables me to help the organization (and thereby the community) grow, develop and become more welcoming and inclusive.”

How to Volunteer?

All active Paddle Canada members are eligible to volunteer. 

Our goal is to have paddlers from all across our country, from all disciplines, and from all backgrounds volunteer with us.

The best way to get involved is to contact us and let us know what your background and expertise are and where and what you would like to contribute to Paddle Canada.

Where to Volunteer?

The main areas where our volunteers work are on our Committees and our Board of Directors.

Overview of our Committees

We have Program Development Committees for each of our disciplines. The program Program Development Committees work within their discipline to develop and maintain our certification programs and training.

  • Canoe Program Committee
  • River Kayak Program Committee
  • Sea Kayak Program Committee
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Program Committee
  • Camping Program Committee

One representative from each Program Development Committee also joins the Program Coordination Committee. The Program Coordination Committee develops policies and procedures that are common to all Paddle Canada training programs and it supports the Program Development Committees and it provides leadership in the development of paddling and coaching skills.

Additionally, we also have committees that support other work or initiatives that Paddle Canada is doing which include our:

  • Adaptive Paddling Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Waterwalker Film Festival Committee
  • Bill Mason Scholarship Committee
  • Youth Committee
  • EDI Working Group

To learn more about each committee, to see its current members, and to apply to join a committee please click here.

Board of Directors

We are governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of 13 regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada). Elections for Board seats are annually for a three-year term.

To see which provinces and territories are up for election, to learn more about our current Board members, and to learn more about our Election Process click here.