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A group of paddlers who recently took a Paddle Canada course with the Paddle Canada flag in front of them.
Location: Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. Photo credit: Richard Alexander

Paddle Canada Membership

Without members like you, Paddle Canada simply wouldn't exist. We are a non-profit volunteer organization, financially supported by our membership and by our programs.

Instructor Membership

Instructor Member

Paddle Canada Instructor Members have the right to vote for the regional Board of Directors representatives and volunteer on committees. To teach Paddle Canada-sanctioned courses and clinics, you must be an instructor member.

Waterfront Canoe and Kayak Instructor

Waterfront Instructors may join at a reduced rate. This special membership category was developed to encourage more involvement with teaching paddling, particularly at schools, youth organizations, and camps. Please note that any Waterfront Instructor who takes the next level of instructor training (Lake Canoe Instructor or Basic Kayak Instructor) will then be asked to pay and renew at the full instructor rate of $99 per year from that date forward.

Big Canoe Leader

Skills certification holders can join Paddle Canada as a member for $50* plus tax, as your annual membership fee. You can register all your Big Canoe trips with us through your online members account. In return, we will cover you with insurance which covers you, your participants, and volunteers during the activity. You simply register all our outings as Clinics, and pay a nominal $5 fee. You need only to follow the guidelines of water conditions and ratios outlined in the PC Big Canoe Program and have all your participants fill out a PC Waiver Form which will be available to you for download, print, and distribution via your online member account. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call the office and tell us you would like to sign up as a Paddle Canada Big Canoe Leader member and we will take payment over the phone and email you your login details with instructions on how to get started.

*PLEASE NOTE that the Waterfront Instructor and Big Canoe Leader will see an increase in annual fees. January 1, 2022, the membership fee will be $50. Youth Waterfront Instructors can enjoy a rate of $25 (up to age 25)

Public Membership

Friends of Paddle Canada

The Friends of Paddle Canada is an individual member category designed for the general public.

Regional Member Associations

Regional Member Associations consist of recognized provincial and/or territorial associations. Each Canadian province or territory has the right to make up to two recommendations for Regional Membership delegates. Where the province or territory has two recognized associations, one Regional Member is to represent canoeing, the other kayaking.

Where there is no recognized provincial and/or territorial association, or when the recognized provincial and/or territorial association fails to recommend after due notice, any other entity may apply as an Interim Regional Member Association. This Interim Regional Member Association must be approved by the Paddle Canada Board of Directors.

Regional and Interim Regional Member Associations have the right to attend all Board of Directors meetings with full right to discussion but shall have no voting status.

Paddling Associations

Paddling Club and other non-profit paddling groups/organizations may apply for membership which includes insurance benefits and much more.