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2017 Instructor Fee – $90 (plus tax)

Any individual, 16 years of age or older who will be teaching the Paddle Canada programs on Canadian soil* and is a member in good standing with his/her Regional Association Member (where one exists and represents his/her paddling discipline) is eligible to take out an instructor membership.

Paddle Canada Instructor Membership is based on the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st, regardless of the time of year the certification was renewed or obtained.

All Paddle Canada instructors in a region are requested to become members of the Regional Member Association (RMA) upon registration with Paddle Canada. Note: exceptions will be made for those RMA’s which do not actively promote and support the instructors’ discipline. Instructors in those regions can opt not to be members of the RMA. Visit the Regional Members page to find your local association and arrange membership payment. The regional members and Paddle Canada thank you for your continued support.

*US and International residents may become Paddle Canada Instructors. However, for liability reasons the ability to teach the Paddle Canada program is restricted to those individuals currently residing within Canada and who will be teaching the program in a Canadian Province or Territory.

Current Paddle Canada Instructor membership benefits include:

  • Accreditation to run Paddle Canada Instruction Programs.
  • Access to the Paddle Canada Insurance policy of $5 million Liability and $20,000 Sport Accident Insurance
  • Insurance coverage for all sanctioned Paddle Canada courses.
  • Access to the Paddle Canada Logo for program recognition.
  • One year subscription to your choice of Rapid Media magazine: Adventure Kayak, Canoeroots, Rapid or Kayak Angler.
  • Pro-Deal Purchase Programs from leading outdoor and paddlesport manufacturers including:

Salus Marine
Trak Kayaks
North Water
Outdoor Research
Level Six
Keen Footwear
Lendal Paddles
Becky Mason
Wilderness Medical Associates
Canadian Red Cross
Sirius Wilderness Medicine

  • Electronic subscription to our Current Strokes e-newsletter.
  • Frequent updates on issues and opportunities related to the national paddling community.
  • The opportunity to support our excellent government and other environmental advocacy issues that affect the Canadian paddling community.
  • The ability to elect Regional Directors to the Paddle Canada Board.
  • The right to attend all Board of Directors meetings as a non-voting observer.

Over $4000 in value:

  • $2000 value in insurance (if you were to purchase coverage on your own)
  • $2000 or more value in pro-deal discount savings from 13 partners
  • $17.95 value in a Rapid Media Magazine subscription of your choice

The Industry Benefits as your member dollars support our attendance at:

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