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50 Years, 50 People: Kirk Wipper

Kirk was a lifetime canoeing advocate, an inspiration, and a mentor to many. He was an educator, a volunteer with many camping and paddling organizations, including 45 years with the Royal Lifesaving Society, a national director of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Canada, and an avid collector of canoes, (his collection forming the opening … Continued

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Bill Mason Scholarship Recipient 2020/2021

We are pleased to announce that Evan Sullivan is this year’s recipient of the Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship! “I am incredibly grateful to be chosen as the 2020-2021 recipient of the Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship Award. Bill Mason formed a central character in my love of canoeing and kayaking from a young age, and paddling … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Mark Lund

Mark was a very early participant in the leadership of Paddle Canada. He was one of the original Alberta representatives to an organizational meeting in 1972 at Camp Kandalore “when the CRCA was originally considered”. The Kandalore meeting recalls the beginnings of what we now know as the Canadian Canoe Museum and the ongoing national canoe … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Claude Cousineau

Claude Cousineau is one of six original founding Board members of the Canadian Canoeing Association (incorporated in 1972), which subsequently became the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA) in April 1976 through Supplementary Letters Patent.  His expertise in canoeing developed through his camping and tripping skills as a teenager. He contributed to the work of the Canadian … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Richard Faulkner

In 1974, Richard attended the Atlantic Canoe School directed by Sue Cousineau. Later that year John Eberhard and Ron Johnstone visited him at Riverside school where he was a teacher. He was invited to become the CRCA board representative for New Brunswick and to work with Bill Palmer in formalizing a provincial recreational canoeing association … Continued

Paddle Canada: 50 Years, 50 People

In celebration of Paddle Canada’s 50 anniversary, we would like to acknowledge that thousands of people have contributed the organization as we see it today. Everyone who has served Paddle Canada as a Provincial/Territorial Director, a committee member, volunteer, or staff member over the first 50 Years is recognized as helping make the organization all it … Continued

How to sleep on your SUP

This past summer was an opportunity to try new types of gear and explore different sleeping arrangements. I purchased The Outdoor Research Helium Bivy to cut weight on my paddleboard expeditions. Pictured here is my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, and bivy all ready to go. Total weight: 6.68 lbs. If I took my lighter … Continued

Paddle Safe in Cold Weather

Every year, we hear stories of people getting into trouble on the water. Stories of experienced paddlers and strong swimmers who couldn’t rescue themselves. Stories that too often end in tragedy. We are in the heart of winter, but the weather can be acceptable for the experienced paddler. We always check the air temperate before … Continued

2021 Regional Elections

Paddle Canada Board of Directors 2021 Regional Elections Paddle Canada is primarily run by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of 13 Regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada), the immediate Past President, and the President Emeritus. The term of office for each Regional Director is nominally three years, with one-third of … Continued

The Role of a Director

The Paddle Canada Board of Directors is comprised of elected paddling instructors from across the country. Our Board is as diverse as the watercraft we paddle, with the commonality we all share: a passion for paddling and sharing that love of paddling with others.  Our role is to collectively pilot the mothership known as Paddle Canada. … Continued