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Looking for professional paddlesports instruction? Our instructor members offer training and certification programs across Canada.

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Please Note: Most courses are not registered and available to view until later in the paddling season. If you do not find the course you are looking for, please contact us.

To Register for a Skill Course: simply contact the Course Director / Organization and register with them.

To Register for an Instructor Course:

  1. Contact the Course Director / Organization and register with them first.
  2. Register yourself as an instructor candidate member with Paddle Canada here; if you are an existing member or a past skill course participant please login to your account and follow the Instructor Candidate link there. Contact the office if unsure of your account details and verify email and retrieve password. If you are brand new to Paddle Canada, then proceed to the Instructor Candidate form.

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Over 3,000 Paddle Canada Instructors teach SUP, kayak and canoe courses to tens of thousands of people around the world every year. Becoming an instructor provides training, insurance, programs and certifications to grant, and credibility that you are a qualified paddling instructor.
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