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Paddle Canada's 2,500 instructors run canoe, kayak and SUP courses, from coast to coast.

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Our Programs

Canoeing Program

Launched in 1971, with the latest edition launched in 2009, saw the start of some significant changes for national instructors. The canoe programs have expanded into Big Canoe, Coastal Canoeing and Style from it's foundational base of Lake, Moving Water, Poling and Canoe Tripping.

Sea Kayaking Program

Includes nationally recognized certifications in five skill levels, five instructor levels, and four instructor-trainer levels.

Stand Up Paddling Program

This program teaches paddlers how to safely and efficiently use stand up paddleboards in a wide variety of waters.

River Kayaking Program

Includes nationally recognized certifications in four skill levels and four instructor levels, earned through course participation.

Waterwalker Film Festival

A tribute to the late Bill Mason, the great conservationist, canoeist and filmmaker.

Bill Mason Scholarship

A tribute to the late Bill Mason, a Canadian recognized as an avid canoeist, environmentalist, filmmaker, photographer and artist.


Latest Instructor News

Join a Committee!

At this time of the year, most of us at Paddle Canada are not paddling! Maybe some are…..those who go south, practice skills in a pool, and the brave souls who have cold, but not hard water. It is a time for skiing, planning, dreaming and getting organized for the upcoming season. If you find […]

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Board of Directors Regional Elections 2020

  It’s election time at Paddle Canada!  Paddle Canada is primarily run by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of 13 Regional Directors (one from each province and territory of Canada), the immediate Past President and the President Emeritus. The term of office for each Regional Director is nominally three years, with one-third of the Board […]

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Bill Mason Scholarship Recipient 2019-2020

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Wiley is this year’s recipient of the Bill Mason Scholarship. We had a total of 9 applicants this year, and our committee had an enjoyable time reading through all of the applications. Sarah has a long history of exploring with her family by canoe, and the true spirit […]

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