A photo of a camping tent out the front door.
Photo Credit: Scott Goodwill

Become a Friend of Paddle Canada

Learn about the benefits and how you can support us by becoming a Friend of Paddle Canada.


The Friends of Paddle Canada Member category is designed for paddling enthusiasts who are not already instructor members.

Friends of Paddle Canada Membership benefits include:

  • One year subscription to Rapid Media’s Paddling Magazine (in either Print or Digital format).
  • Paddle Canada decal.
  • Purchase discount (online sale) of Stearns PFD and Coleman Products
  • Electronic subscription to our Current Strokes e-newsletter.
  • Frequent updates on issues and opportunities related to the national paddling community.
  • The opportunity to support our governmental and other environmental advocacy issues relating to the Canadian paddling community.
  • Bringing together members to learn, share, discuss and have fun paddling!
  • The knowledge that you are supporting a non-profit volunteer organization committed to promoting values you believe in.
Country or RegionMembership Fee
Canada$50.00 CAD (plus tax)
United States$55.00 CAD
International Orders$60.00 CAD