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Youth Paddling Grant

Our Youth Grant offers opportunities for youth to connect with Paddle Canada instructors for intro-level courses.

In the summer of 2021, we were approached by an individual with some funds to donate, and a desire to work with Paddle Canada. Our conversation kept coming back to youth, and how could we encourage more youth to take up paddling. Combined with the donor’s desire to see the greatest impact with his bequest, and our desire to see more youth paddling, and hopefully see some of these youth as the future of Paddle Canada, the Kaymayquinn Youth Paddling Fund was established.

Youth, up to the age of 18 may apply for a small grant to help pay for their fees on a Paddle Canada course. Alternatively, a group representing youth could apply for a small grant to help hire a Paddle Canada instructor to deliver a course to their group.

Requirements for application:

  • Open to those up to the age 18, as of December 31, 2024
  • Applicants will be asked to submit a short essay (up to 500 words) on why they paddle.
  • Applicants will be asked to provide the name of the Paddle Canada course they wish to take and name the instructor (please note, the course must be offered before the end of the year of application)
  • Applicant must list the amount of the course tuition.

We are accepting applications for 2024 NOW. Applications will close when all funds have been granted.

To apply, please send a letter via email to [email protected] providing the following information:

Date of Birth
Email Address
Phone Number
Name of Paddle Canada course you wish to take
Name of Instructor teaching the course
Date of the course
Location of course
Cost of the course

Please tell us, in 500 words why you like to paddle, and/or why you would like to learn to paddle.

Successful recipients will be asked to share a photo and a brief report on their experience upon completion of the course.

A small panel will review all applicants that are submitted, and successful candidates will be contacted within 5-7 business days.

NEW for 2022 We are accepting donations to the Kaymayquinn Youth Paddling Grant through our friends at the Canadian Canoe Foundation If you wish to donate, you can do so here and you will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Meet some of our 2021 recipients!

I love being in the water and activities in water such as swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. Before embarking on my scouting journey, I had found a great interest in swimming, and I had gained lots of experience in the sport. I joined the Scouts Canada movement in 2015, at age 7, and I started out as a first-year cub. Throughout the years  I learned many key skills such as leadership skills, outdoor skills, discipline, and many others. During my first year within the Scout Troop, I was elected Patrol Leader and I  had embarked that summer on my first large canoe trip called Spednic Spray. Spednic Spay was a 5-day journey on canoes across the St. Croix River. We crossed many hurdles along the way such as narrow rapids, and even a waterfall! Almost every summer, our Scout Troop regularly hop on the canoes and spend some time on the water. I especially love the feeling of being able to skim almost effortlessly across the water while paddling, and I enjoy using teamwork to work with a partner to get across the lake. I am now the Troop Leader of the 1st St. Margaret’s Scout Troop, and I am in the early stages of becoming a lifeguard. I continue to paddle with my family during  Covid-19 to keep practicing. During this course, I would love to learn new techniques and gain more knowledge about paddling, so I can improve upon myself, but also to teach the younger members of my  Scout Troop about paddling and get them much more interested in the sport.

Onkit, age 13

I am sitting here, reflecting on our canoe course from yesterday with Wild by Nature, thanks, in part, to the financial support from you. Seeing 14 Pathfinders go from a situation of near tips and bumper boats to full confident launches and shore “parking”  in just one day warmed my heart. To see their confidence grow from fear and anxiety to solid confidence and wanting to go again, was exactly the type of transformation I had hoped for.  The pathfinders are already asking me when we can go again, so I know for a certain fact that this is an activity they will all carry with them as they grow. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to share this experience with 14 youth.

Sharlet, Pathfinder Leader

Our Science Co-op class (20 grade 11 students) had a great day on Buntzen Lake on October 22. Considering the “monsoon” that was originally forecast, we had fantastic weather (no rain until the afternoon). Lance, with support from Madison and Mike, led us through an active day of paddling skills acquisition, games, and a final tour of the lake using our newly learned skills. Some of the comments from our students included: “fun day”; “so great to get outside and do activities together (not online)”; “Castonguay kept us on our toes”; “can’t wait to get back on the water to do some longer canoe trips”; “can we come back tomorrow”; “can’t believe we didn’t tip…”; “thank you Paddle Canada for getting us on the water”; “ was so much fun that I didn’t realize that it was raining”. We are looking forward to taking our class back out in the spring for some day canoe trips in our local area. Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to develop our skills and spread a further appreciation for canoeing.

Grade 11 environmental science class and their teacher