Instructors For Hire

Please note that only Instructors and Instructor Trainers that have an active 2019 Instructor Membership, a valid Instructor certification and choose to be listed on the public site and are sanctioned will appear in the below lists.

More Instructors will start to appear over the Winter and Spring as they renew their 2019 Instructor Memberships. Please check back periodically as these search lists will become more populated weekly.


Find an instructor for hire in your region of Canada:

  • Find a Canoe Instructor
    • Any Lake Canoe Instructor can teach the Waterfront Canoe course
  • Find a River Kayak Instructor
    • River Kayak Instructor courses are currently run through Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC).
    • Once you become a River Kayak Instructor with CKC, a reciprocal agreement is in place for you to be awarded a Paddle Canada River Kayak Instructor award to teach Paddle Canada recreational River Kayak courses.
  • Find a Sea Kayak Instructor
    • Any Sea Kayak Instructor can teach the Waterfront Kayak course
  • Find a Kayak Rolling Instructor
    • Any Sea Kayak Instructor Level 2 to 4 can teach a Kayak Rolling skills course. Any Sea Kayak Instructor Trainer Level 1 to 3 can teach a Kayak Rolling Instructor course.
  • Find a Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor
  • Find a Camping Instructor (coming in Spring 2019)