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Help prepare new paddlers for their next water adventure. Train for FREE as a volunteer to deliver AdventureSmart’s newest program called PaddleSmart, a national government program to educate new paddlers and introduce them to a fun and exhilarating sport.

AdventureSmart is a national program designed to reduce the frequency and severity of Search and Rescue incidents. AdventureSmart balances key safety messages with an individual’s responsibility for safety, encouraging the public to obtain the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to enjoy their outdoor pursuits.

 PaddleSmart program topics include:

  • Trip Planning – Leave the right information with a responsible person
  • Training – Where to seek it and recognize your ability and skills
  • Taking the Essentials – Take the basic equipment for every paddlesport activity
  • Alcohol & Paddling – They Do Not Mix
  • Hypothermia – Recognize the signs and symptoms; create a treatment plan

Find a free PaddleSmart session near you, get more info or register for workshops by visiting or contacting Dawn Callan, PaddleSmart Co-ordinator at [email protected]; 1-888-252-6292 ext. 12.

Notice to PaddleSmart presenters

Report and download any teaching resources and class certificates at the Presenters Login Page at

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National Search and Rescue Secretariat and Parks Canada.

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