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A lady in a whitewater kayak ferries across the river in Nova Scotia.
Location: Medway River, Nova Scotia. Photo credit: Matt DeLong

The Paddle Canada National River Kayaking Program

The River Kayaking Program includes nationally recognized certifications in five skill levels and four instructor levels, earned through course participation.

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A new whitewater kayaker would begin instruction at the Introduction to Kayaking Level, concentrating on kayak fundamentals before moving on to a mastery of the skills required for safe and enjoyable whitewater experiences.

In 2010, Paddle Canada partnered with Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC), to merge instructor training programs. Upon completion of the program, participants earn dual certification as a Paddle Canada River Kayak Instructor and as a CKC Kayak Whitewater Instructor/Coach. In 2012, this program became the premier certification required by all Whitewater Kayak instructors in Canada.

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