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Instructor Purchase Program Memo

Last week we released the Red Paddle Partnership agreement and it has been met with an amazing response. The team at Red Paddle is extremely excited to be working with our organization, however we want to remind members, this program and others from all our other partners, needs to be kept professional in nature. 

The goal of getting you product (board or gear from any of our partners) at an extremely discounted rate, is a special privilege of membership due to instructors being ambassadors in the paddling industry. We remind members to please refrain from entering their local Retailer/Shops looking to demo boards or test out gear with no intention of purchasing those items. These shop owners are looking to earn and income and provide for their staff and families. We do however want members to refer their course participants and clients to their local retailers to purchase these quality gear items.  And finally please note that any discounts provided to you through the Paddle Canada Instructor Purchase Program be kept confidential. Failure to do so may result in such contracts or agreements being terminated and that is not what anyone wants to see. 

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Graham Ketcheson
Paddle Canada