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Instructor Notice: New Features Added To Course Reporting

Please take note of these new features of Course Reporting:

  1. In addition to the Course Director, Instructors 1 & 2 now have ability via their own logins to access the Report and Update tool links for course reporting.  Once report is submitted the Invoice will still be linked to the Course Director and Organization to be paid.  (prior to this only Course Directors could access the reporting and update features)
  2. Ability for the Course Director to remove participants from a course at invoiced or completed stage. A “Delete This Participant” link is now active below each participant name for an easy way to correct having added someone accidently to a course.    

  3. The Date of Birth and Citizenship field are now optional when using the the Update Participant Info link when adding someone already in database to a course report :(the prior form required both fields be inputted in order to update and save a participants info).