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Graham’s Last Month – Staffing Update


It’s with bitter sweet emotion that I write this and say goodbye to an organization I have so much passion for. I have appreciated all the members and partners that have trusted in my ability to lead the organization through much change and growth over the last nine years. Our organization is in such a better place then in 2010, when I first arrived in office. We had 1300 instructor members then and now have over 2700. We used to train about 300 new instructors and now train over 750 annually. Today we have an excellent mix of courses, program offerings and great brand recognition in the outdoor marketplace. We have established partnerships with outdoor manufacturers, safe boating and government partners.

This is the first year in about seven that Paddle Canada has not benefited from a government or private industry funding grant. And guess what? We are doing ok. The doors are open, the lights are on, the staff are here serving membership and public. I am very proud of this accomplishment. The future of Paddle Canada looks bright. We have just completed a new Strategic Plan in April 2019 with the Board of Directors and with the input hundreds of members and dozens of stakeholders. This will be the road map, the float plan, for the next leader to follow. There are still lots more exciting opportunities in the works. I look forward to seeing those endeavours come to fruition.

Starting in May 2019, I will be taking on a new career venture but still working in the paddling industry.

May your paddle always pull water,

Graham Ketcheson
Outgoing Executive Director