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2014 Maintenance Clinic / Transfer Opportunity + Lake / Canoe Tripping Upgrade



Location:  Ottawa, ON

Dates: May 20 – 22

Tuesday, May 20 – Canoe Tripping: present and future program developments

Wednesday, May 21 – Canoe Waterfront, Lake Intro & Intermediate

Thursday, May 22 – Canoe Lake Intermediate & Advanced

Cost:  $75/person (payment made on day of clinic)

Who is this for:

  1. Lake and Canoe Tripping Instructors and Instructor Trainers that have or have not taught Paddle Canada canoe courses in the past 4 years or beyond,
  2. Lake and Canoe Tripping Instructors Trainers or mentoring to become one that would like to offer the new Maintenance Clinics,
  3. Anyone that holds a current ORCKA Lake or Canoe Tripping Instructor Certification that might be interested in transferring into Paddle Canada.

This spring and fall Paddle Canada will be connecting with certain Instructors and Instructor Trainers in each province to formalize the “Instructor and Instructor Trainer Maintenance Clinics” and to offer transfer and upgrade opportunities within the Lake and Canoe Tripping stream.  Paddle Canada wants to ensure our programs are the same coast to coast to coast.  As of 2014 every Instructor and Instructor Trainer will have to attend a Maintenance/Recert Clinic every 4 years. 

We want to make sure as many Instructor Trainers are brief on Paddle Canada’s new Maintenance Clinics, updated programs, methods of teaching, and the organization, as we rolled out these clinics.  These newly updated Instructor Trainers will be PC’s starting points for the Maintenance Clinics over the next few years. 

We know there are a number of IT’s and Instructors out there that are interested in teaching Paddle Canada courses but have not officially taught anything since their transfer between 2004 and 2009 or had just started to teach and unsure of the organizations process.  The Paddle Canada courses and their administration of courses, etc. have changed drastically over the last 5 years and we need to ensure everyone has a solid foundation of Paddle Canada as we move forward with new projects, policies and programs. 

If you have not taught a Paddle Canada course in the past 4 years or beyond, your certification has or will soon lapse.

This is an opportunity to become familiar with the Waterfront, Lake and Canoe Tripping program updates, transfers and upgrade for instructors within this stream.  In the fall, we hope to focus on Moving Water for any Instructor or Instructor Trainer that wants to offer the new Maintenance/Recert Clinics.  Paddle Canada will be subsidizing this event so the cost will be nominal $75 per person.  

Paddle Canada’s Canoe Program Development Committee Chair, Dave Wooldridge, and PC President, Priscilla Haskin, will be leading the Canoe Lake and Canoe Tripping Clinics.

Confirmation of attendance is required.  Please RSVP Graham Ketcheson, 1-888-252-6292.

You are welcome to attend one or all three days.  If you have any questions please connect with Dave Wooldridge at [email protected]