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We have a plan! Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Gear explosion after landing at Horton Lake

In 2016, Ron Leduc and Andrea Griener shared a Twin Otter air charter with Brian Johnston of Paddle Canada. They met over a shared interest in a Horton River canoe trip after connecting online discussing tents for Arctic canoe trips.

Two years later, Ron reached out to Brian (by then our VP) with an interest in supporting Paddle Canada, offering his and Andrea’s strategic planning services at no cost. That is how Paddle Canada came to partner with Clearlogic Consulting Professionals to develop a new Strategic Plan.

A strategic plan wasn’t new to us, in 2013 the “Float Plan for Success” was launched. It was the first organizational priorities plan going back at least a decade. In 2016 it was revisited and updated by an abbreviated strategic planning process. The main outcome goal was one of organizational sustainability by 2019.

The process of developing a new strategic plan started in late 2018, with a discussion of Paddle Canada’s history, successes and challenges. The meeting also included information about previous Paddle Canada strategic planning initiatives. A Steering Committee was formed with President Jeff Martin, Vice President Brian Johnston, Board member Darren Keith and Executive Director Graham Ketcheson, along with Ron Leduc and Andrea Griener of Clearlogic.

The process involved ongoing document reviews, Board and Instructor surveys, Stakeholder consultations, timeline frameworks, reporting relationships, data analysis and the like.

Before the paddling season got into full swing, PC leadership met in Kingston, to review the compiled information of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) along with themes from focus groups. During the weekend the group also worked on vision and mission statements.

During the spring, summer and fall, Clearlogic Consulting Professionals and PC Board and Staff compiled and focused the information into a Strategic Plan that will guide Paddle Canada’s priorities for the next 5 years. From start to finish, the strategic plan process was a rewarding yearlong commitment. We are now pleased to share with you our new “float plan”!

~Brian Johnston