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2018 Waterwalker Film Festival Trailers

Here's a selection of trailers from the 2018 Waterwalker Film Festival winners and shortlisted films.

Bass by Kayak

Bass by Kayak is a film series of six 10-minute episodes about a small expedition party crossing in sea kayaks from the Australian mainland to Tasmania. Close to 400 people have made the crossing in the modern era, and Aboriginal Australians did it during the last ice age in canoes. Adventure filmmaker Beau Miles narrates the expedition as part of the first-ever feature film of the crossing via sea kayaks. DIRECTORS: Beau Miles / PRODUCER: Beau Miles, Mitch Drummond

Don’s Canoe

For Banff, AB locals Don Gardner is a name associated with legendary climbs and epic ski traverses. Don’s Canoe is a simple short film that show his other life long passion for old ways. A life well lived shapes this beautiful canoe. DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Leanne Alison

Inside the Indus

In November 2016, fresh from winning the extreme kayaking world title, Spaniard Aniol Serrasolses, New Zealander Mike Dawson and Irish filmmaker Ciarán Heurteau headed to Pakistan to attempt a descent of the fabled Rondu Gorge, on the Indus river. Hidden behind a wall of political & security factors meant it had been 8 years since the last expedition, lead by American Ben Stooksberry, ventured into the gorge. Since then Pakistan’s perceived reputation off the water had stopped any planned trips into the North Pakistan state of Gilgit Baltistan in their tracks. Follow Aniol, Mike and Ciarán as they make their way down the Indus river. DIRECTOR: Ciarán Heurteau PRODUCERS: Twelve Productions, Kiwi Creations, Serrasolses Bros Productions

Into Twin Galaxies

Three National Geographic Adventurers Of The Year embark on an insane kayaking mission in Greenland. Using kite skis, they tow their whitewater kayaks over 1,000 kilometers on the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the most northern river ever paddled. DIRECTOR: Jochen Schmoll • PRODUCERS: Red Bull Media House, Drehxtrem

Kharma Bums

The spiritual journey of four friends from California as they embark on an epic adventure down the Ganges River, the most revered and potentially most polluted river on the planet. The documentary follows the group from the largest gathering of human beings ever recorded, known as the Kumbh Mela, some 140 miles downriver to the holy city of Varanasi. Their quest to discover purity amongst pollution is a true test of will, patience and perseverance. DIRECTOR: Jeremiah Kent PRODUCERS: Jeremiah Kent, RyanSalm, Jason Weissbrod

Beauty of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Completed in 2006, the 740-mile Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) connects waterways from the New York state’s Adirondack Park to the Canadian border in northern Maine. Following traditional travel routes used by Native American, settlers and guides, the NFCT connects 22 rivers and streams, 58 lakes and ponds and 45 communities. It is the largest inland water trail in the nation. DIRECTOR: Austin Graham PRODUCER: Brad Tallent

Crossing Home

CATEGORIES: Multi-sport Adventures, DURATION: 28:49 For travellers, life on the road ultimately winds to an end, and the compass points towards home. In the series finale, after excursions through ski cultures across the globe, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots go back to the beginning – British Columbia. Embarking on a 3 week expedition, they boat, bushwack, ski, and packraft the spine of the Coast mountains. From interior plateau, steep chutes and over the Homathko Icefield, to the lush, carpeted coastal inlets of the Pacific coast. What is the meaning of home? A cast of characters help them understand what that term truly means. DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Jordan Manley

Wild Coast

Local SUP surfers Emre Bosut and Glen Pearson discuss the experience of living and surfing in Tofino, British Columbia. DIRECTOR: Kelsey Thompson PRODUCER: Blackfish Paddles

Skye’s The Limit

The story of one woman’s solo circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, on a standup paddleboard. The adventure serves to highlight the effects of plastic pollution on even stunning, remote and wild places, and brings positive and engaging solutions to the issue. The film follows Cal Major’s epic ocean voyage, vulnerable to Scotland’s famous winds, waves and tidal races. Featuring beautiful scenery, wildlife, farm animals and Tunnocks teacakes. DIRECTORS: James Appleton, Cal Major • PRODUCERS: James Appleton, Cal Major