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Waterfront Canoe Instructor Membership Update

New for 2011 is a Waterfront Canoe Instructors only category.  The rate for this membership category is $ 20. plus GST or HST (applicable provincial tax). This will allow these instructors to register and teach Waterfront Canoe courses only.  This membership level does not include Kanawa issues, Heritage River Calendar, PC decal or Instructor Pro-Deal Purchase Programs.    Members May Renew Now at new Rate!

So Waterfront Instructors Only, will now have the option when they renew of:

  • $ 20. rate to run Waterfront Course only.


In 2010, the Canoe PDC made a motion to the Board of Directors to approve a new rate for Waterfront Canoeing Instructor membership to take effect in 2011.  This was approved by the board and the new rate is now $ 20 plus applicable GST/HST for any Waterfront Instructors only  who do not hold any other instructor certification. The Canoe PDC felt that a new lower rate would encourage more instructors to be active at this level and be less restrictive financially.  A good many of Waterfront Instructors are youth camp staff.  It’s also the hope of the Canoe PDC, that more individuals will sign up for Waterfront Canoeing Instructor courses this year and in the future, as a result.

The website has now been updated to reflect this new rate. You can now login to your instructor account & simply follow the ‘Renew My Membership‘ link under the ‘My Membership‘ menu.  If there are individuals who renewed prior to this email (since the start of 2011) and paid the regular $ 70 plus tax rate, please advise the office and we will issue you are refund for the difference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Paddle Canada office at 1-888-252-6292 or [email protected]


The Canoe Program Development Committee
[email protected]