Updated Paddle Canada Fees Starting January 15, 2019 for Instructors and Paddle Schools


Updated Paddle Canada Fees Starting January 15, 2019

Dear Paddle Canada Member,

We would like to inform you of changes to your 2019 Membership and 2019 Course Fees starting in 2019.

Instructor Membership fees will now be $99.99 + tax, instead of $90.
Course Fees will be $30 + tax, instead of $25. Courses will all be one standard rate of $30 + tax, and the small user fee for 1 and 2 participants will now be discontinued.
Waterfront Instructor rate of $20. + tax, will remain unchanged.
Individual member rate of $45 + tax, will remain unchanged.
Clinic rates will be the same as before at $5 + tax, with a maximum of $50 per season.

We hope you have enjoyed the unchanged rates for the last four years. Every year the cost of running a national business in Canada continues to climb. We wish to continue to provide members and public participants with the same excellent customer service from staff you’ve experienced. We also want to fuel some newer and ongoing projects such as:
1. language development (French versions of manuals and online resources)
2. program development including supporting running of Professional Development Clinics.
3. Public Outreach (PC courses and Paddlesmart) to new populations with training and paddling water safety

For those that wish to renew early before January 15, you will have the advantage of the old rate of $90 + tax and also receive 4 issues of 2019 Paddling Magazine (Spring edition will arrive in late March 2019).

If you have already renewed your 2019 Instructor membership, great! Your Spring 2019 Rapid Media magazine should be arriving in mid to late March 2019.

We thank you for the years of continued support and are excited about what 2019 season holds.

Renew 2019 Instructor Membership Now Before January 15 Price Increase

Do I need a 2019 Instructor Membership to keep my Instructor certification?


Graham Ketcheson
Executive Director
Paddle Canada
[email protected]