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Update on Surf SUP & Touring SUP Instructor Clinics Nationally

On October 6-8 (Touring) and October 9-11 (Surf) we ran rollout clinics in Tofino BC.

The intent was to “jump start” the new Surf SUP and Touring SUP programs by creating an initial group of instructors and instructor-trainers. At the rollout clinic we downloaded/shared the program and peer reviewed, slotting participants into their appropriate instructor or IT level. There were 3 clinic leaders and 13 participants in total. Not all participants attended both clinics (surf & touring).

sup surf touring rolloutTofino Surf & Touring Instructors – photo credit: Marilyn Scriver

The following SUP certifications were awarded at the clinics:
• 4 Touring 2 ITs
• 1 1st apprenticeship towards the Touring 2 IT
• 3 Touring 2 instructors
• 2 Touring 1 instructor
• 3 1st apprenticeship towards the Touring 1 instructor
• 4 Touring 2 skills
• 4 Surf 2ITs
• 1 Surf 2 instructor
• 3 Surf 1 instructor
• 2 1st apprenticeship towards the Surf 1 instructor
• 2 Surf 2 skills 

Next spring, we will recreate the rollout event on the Atlantic Ocean, and in central Canada. In this way, we create the critical mass needed across Canada to encourage the Surf SUP and Touring SUP programs to grow organically thereafter. 

Tony Palmer SUP PDC Chair