Update on Automated Email Certificates and Reporting Courses


Important Update on the Automated Certification Emails with the new website and Reporting Courses.

Hello Paddle Canada Instructors,

We hope you are enjoying the start of paddling season, and HAPPY CANADA DAY!

As many of you are aware, our head office has been working hard in collaboration with our web developers to work out some of the glitches in our new online computer system. We appreciate all your patience so far during this transition time.

We wanted to touch base on two issues right now that should be addressed before the long weekend.

1. Are automated certificate emails being send out to participants who received a ‘Full Pass’ in my course?
2. My course says ‘Invoiced’, what does that mean?

Automated Email Certificates
As we continue to work with our web developers on this issue, we ask that you please hand out hard copy certificates to all your participants who receive a Full Pass at the end of your course. You can find the templates for these certificates in your account, under ‘Instructor Services’ – ‘Instructor Resources’ – ‘Certification Cards’. We will update you once we are confident that certification emails are being sent out. Until then, please provide these to your participants.


These are the steps to reporting your course:

1. Login, click Instructor Services, click My Courses
2. Click Add New Course
3. Fill in all the course info
4. Click Save
5. The next screen is where you Add Participants
6. Search by last name, or Member Number for your participant
* This is new to ensure you do not create a duplicate account for someone who already has a Paddle Canada account from previous courses
7. If an account appears for that persons first and last name and the email address matches, click Add
8. If no results appear, click ‘Add A New Participant’ – this will create them a Paddle Canada account, and an email will be sent to them with their temp password
9. Once you have added in all your participants, their course status will default to ‘Incomplete’
10. Wait till the course is finished
11. Go into your course list and update everyone’s status
11 a) Full Pass, Conditional Pass (please write reason why) and Incomplete (please write reason why)
12. Click ‘Submit This Report’
13. Pay Course Invoice if applicable
14. *we are working on ensuring after the invoice is paid, that certificates are then emailed to all participants and you will see Certification: Send Certification if you wish to resend at a later date. This is a work in progress.

Does each person in my course need an individual email address for their account for the new website?
Yes – more info under our FAQs on the website.

My course says ‘Invoiced’, what does that mean?

We currently have an issue of courses that have been submitted and paid reading ‘Invoiced’ instead of ‘Completed’. Apologies for this. If you have no outstanding invoice on your account for that Course ID, please assume the course is submitted and on each participants account. Our web developers are hard at work to ensure all paid-up courses say ‘Completed’ in the near future.

1. Course ID created: Sanctioned stage
2. Course submitted: Invoiced stage
3. Invoice paid: Completed stage – certifications released in both email format, and on their PC accounts if they login and want to see a list of their certifications and a copy of their certificate.

*Instructor courses should go straight to Completed if ‘Fees Paid by Candidate’ is chosen when creating the course.

Please ignore ‘Invoiced’ for now if you know you’ve paid the course fee.

Thanks for reading and your understanding,

Paddle Canada Office Team

Closed on Monday July 3 for the Canada Day Long Weekend.
Re-opening 9am Eastern Time on Tuesday July 4.