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UPDATE: Copyright Update to All PC Program Manuals

The latest new change in all manuals includes the new copyright information which gives permission to instructor members to make copies for personal and course use. This was an oversight since the new manuals went digital, self serve download. An instructor was turned away recently at Staples Business Depot store because the staff wouldn’t copy the handouts / manual due to the printed copyright text.

This change is now in effect on all the program manuals.  So if you need the new copyright wording, please feel free to download the necessary manuals again (in your Members Area under Instructor Services Menu)

In the process of updating the Sea Kayak Manual, the SK PDC took advantage and made some other small changes:

Version 12.05 (July 2, 2011)

  • Updated: Copyright information to allow members to make photocopies for courses and personal use.
  • Updated: Cleaned up the list of wilderness first aid providers.
  • Updated: Important Information Regarding Updated Transport Canada Small Vessel Regulations section to reflect changes including the removal of the requirement to register instructor’s kayaks.
  • Updated: Cleaned up the wording slightly to make the section on Assistant-Instructors and Apprentice-Instructors a little clearer. No policy changes made.
  • Updated: General formatting and grammar changes throughout.
  • Updated: Paddle Canada contact information (Mailing address and URL).