Trak Kayaks Pro Purchase Program

Originating from float plane adventures on lakes and rivers in Northern Saskatchewan, TRAK produces portable performance kayaks that are now found on almost every continent.  TRAK’s signature Seeker ST 16 model is a go-anywhere, go-anytime kayak that can change its rocker and trim on the fly. Take it with you in your trunk, stow it on a boat, check it on a plane and shake it out in 10 minutes or less. Paddle Canada is proud to announce their partnership with TRAK Kayaks, a company which designs their products in Canada, for the world.

Through our partnership program, Paddle Canada instructors can access amazing portable sea kayaks at a generous discount on all regularly priced TRAK products. Current Paddle Canada instructor members may access the program by logging into their member area at, follow the Member Purchase Discounts link and submit the order form found there under Trak Kayaks. To learn more about TRAK please go to

Paddle Canada gratefully acknowledges TRAK’s generous support of our national programs and instructors through this partnership.  With such initiatives, TRAK provides an exciting contribution to the country’s instructional community.

Paddle Canada would also like to thank the Member Pro Purchase Sub-Commitee for their continued efforts to involve more industry partners in supporting the benefits to instructor members.