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Top Ten Canadian Paddling Photos on Yonder

Canada boasts some of the most stunningly beautiful scenery in North America. If you’re lucky enough to live there this is old news. One of the best ways to take in the view of the spectacular mountains and gorgeous green and blue lakes is from the water. Paddling offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, from a leisurely canoe ride to an epic whitewater rafting adventure.

Looking for inspiration to get your paddle on? Yonder is your answer. With thousands of Canadians sharing geotagged photos and videos of their wonderful kayak, canoe, sup, and rafting adventures you’re sure to discover new places to explore. The Yonder community is enthusiastic, passionate, and welcoming. Have great photos to show off? Get the community stoked by sharing your experiences!

Check out these top Canadian paddling experiences from Yonder and download the app for more paddling and outdoor photos to get you psyched!

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