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Threatened Waterways Designation

Why a Threatened Waterways Designation?

Pollution, dams, and industrial development are just a few of the many threats faced by Canada’s waterways. In recent years, climate change has emerged as an additional problem that jeopardizes the health of every waterway on Earth; through warmer water, changing water levels, and the introduction of alien or exotic species.

Paddle Canada’s Stance

One of the core elements of Paddle Canada’s mandate is advocacy for a healthy natural environment.

Paddle Canada truly believes that having public input is key to strengthening the protection of the future of our waterways, an important part of our environmental and heritage pillars. Each and every one of our navigable waterways are magnificent treasures that should be managed with the public’s input.

Photo Credit: Gord CaseyPaddle Canada’s Threatened Waterways designation draws attention to Canadian waterways that are in the most immediate need of our help. The designation provides groups with the ability to use the Paddle Canada brand in their efforts to draw attention to a threatened waterway.

In addition, it provides opportunities for local action groups to partner with the national paddling association and our 1200 plus members to help protect our Canadian waterway heritage.

How does a Waterway Achieve the Designation?

Individual, Instructor or Regional Member Associations of Paddle Canada nominate the rivers they feel are most in need of our protection. Nominations are made by submitting a written letter to the Board of Directors of Paddle Canada that outlines how the waterway is deserving of the designation based on the following three criteria:

1.National significance of the waterway;Ecological, cultural, and economic values
2.Magnitude of the threats facing the waterway
3.Opportunities in the coming year to make a positive intervention to either protect the ecological integrity of the waterway or restore it’s health.

How is the Designation Granted?

The Board of Directors of Paddle Canada reviews nominations and approves the designation. Once approved, the nominator is informed of the decision, the waterway is then listed on the Paddle Canada website as a threatened waterway and members of Paddle Canada are informed the designation has been granted.

Where do I send the Nomination?

Forward your completed application to Paddle Canada.

For more info on Protected Rivers in Canada please visit the Visit The Canadian Heritage River System Website for more info on Canadian waterways.