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These 10 Paddle-Loving Pooches Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

When it comes to man’s best friend, we know that the bond between humans and dogs can be beneficial to our well-being. Recent studies have shown that the same hormone associated with passionate love and maternal love, oxytocin, is released in both owner and pup when they lock eyes.

Similarly, new science is emerging demonstrating how being in or near water can make us happier and healthier, for both two legged-homosapiens and for our four-legged furry friends.

So toss people, dogs, water and paddling into the mix and no wonder there are so many great photos of paddle-loving-pooches out there. 


#1 These corgies aren’t taking any chances!



#2 This furry guy, happy as can be, stylin’ in the purple doggy lifejacket. 




#3 This handsome Goldie is like, “Yea, she’s mine, guys.” 



#4 This guy thinks he’s Magellan! 






#5 This pack, having a pup party on SUP!  






#6 This fur-babe has found his water babe. 




#7 This Sheppard says, “Guys, I’m ready.”



#8 This furry fisherman.




#9 This water looks tasty 🙂




#10 This lucky lab says, “It’s a dog’s life.”




#11 Ok, here’s one extra of my buddy giving me love.