Teach Canoeing This Summer – Upcoming Instructor Courses

The following is a list of some fantastic Lake, Waterfront, Moving Water and Canoe Trippng Instructor courses happening May to July nationally.  Learn more about each one by clicking on the Course ID #.



Course IDCourse NameRegionLocationStart Date
58441Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemABkananaskis5/11/2016
58152Lake Canoe Instructor TandemONToronto Islands5/12/2016
57741Moving Water Canoe Instructor TandemABBow River, Cochrane area5/13/2016
57576Waterfront Canoeing InstructorABKirk Lake5/14/2016
58298Moving Water Canoe Instructor SoloONMadawaska River5/14/2016
58299Moving Water Canoe Instructor Advanced TandemONMadawaska River5/14/2016
58460Moving Water Canoe Instructor TandemONOttawa River, Ottawa Pumphouse, Petite Nation, Brewer’s Pond5/18/2016
58461Moving Water Canoe Instructor SoloONOttawa River, Ottawa Pumphouse, Petite Nation, Brewer’s Pond5/18/2016
58224Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemABKananaskis river5/19/2016
57433Waterfront Canoeing InstructorMBManitoba Pioneer Camp / Shoal Lake5/19/2016
57427Lake Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemMBManitoba Pioneer Camp / Shoal Lake5/19/2016
57051Lake Canoe Instructor TandemONCranberry Lake5/20/2016
57589Lake Canoe Instructor TandemABRundle Pond/Hermitage Pond5/20/2016
57913Moving Water Canoe Instructor TandemABKananaskis5/20/2016
58130Lake Canoe Instructor Advanced TandemABAstotin Lake5/21/2016
57778Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemONMadawaska River5/25/2016
57704Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemABkananaskis5/25/2016
57793Moving Water Canoe Instructor Advanced SoloONMadawaska River5/25/2016
57779Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate SoloONMadawaska River5/26/2016
57792Moving Water Canoe Instructor Advanced TandemONMadawaska River5/26/2016
58190Lake Canoe Instructor TandemONLake Superior5/26/2016
57642Waterfront Canoeing InstructorNBLily Lake, Saint John5/28/2016
58419Lake Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemNBCaton’s Island Camp NB5/31/2016
58420Lake Canoe Instructor SoloNBCaton’s Island Camp NB5/31/2016
57050Lake Canoe Instructor Intermediate SoloONCranberry Lake6/1/2016
57218Moving Water Canoe Instructor Intermediate SoloQCPetit Nation6/4/2016
57796Lake Canoe Instructor TandemONMadawaska River and Kamaniskeg Lake6/9/2016
57797Lake Canoe Instructor Intermediate TandemONMadawaska River and Kamaniskeg Lake6/9/2016
57794Moving Water Canoe Instructor TandemONMadawaska River and Kamaniskeg Lake7/1/2016
57795Moving Water Canoe Instructor SoloONMadawaska River and Kamaniskeg Lake7/1/2016
57497Canoe Tripping Instructor Advanced Tandem and SoloONMagnetawan Lake, Algonquin Park7/24/2016