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SUP Board Program – Call for Input

We are excited to announce: Paddle Canada is developing a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) program for release next spring!

In case you do not know, Stand Up Paddleboarding uses a large surfboard and a long canoe paddle to travel on oceans, rivers and flatwater while standing. SUP has a long Polynesian history, but has seen a recent explosion of interest on all types of water bodies. In fact, paddleboarding is reported to be the fastest growing watersport in the world!

Paddle Canada has formed a small group to develop the SUP program. The program will include participant levels, as well as instructor and instructor-trainer programs.

We are keeping the program development group small for efficiency’s sake, but we are seeking input and ideas from the widest possible range of existing and future SUP instructors.

* Can you help us out?
* Do you have a lesson plan you want to share?
* Or, are there key items you believe need to be in the program?
* Any feedback you can provide will be beneficial!

Please send any comments or feedback to [email protected].

Please share this announcement with anyone you feel may be interested. This will be the only announcement to the entire Paddle Canada instructor base. Accordingly, if you want to receive periodic updates on the program and requests for feedback, then you should join our SUP-specific email list. You can be added to (or deleted from) that email list simply by emailing us at [email protected].



Paddle Canada is the body that represents recreational paddling in Canada. Our over 900 canoe and kayak instructors successfully and consistently deliver the message of safe and enjoyable paddling to thousands of paddlers annually. Stand Up Paddleboarding will benefit from Paddle Canada’s nearly 40 years of serving Canada’s paddlers, our online course registration system, and paddling program 3rd party liability insurance, as well as support from our full-time office and dedicated volunteers.

SUP is bringing new excitement to paddling and we are looking forward to everything it offers. We hope you can contribute to the effort.

Yours in paddling,

Mike Darbyshire

Tony Palmer

Mark Scriver
SUP Board Program Development Committee