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Strategic Partnerships


AdventureSmart is a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians and visitors to Canada to “Get informed and go outdoors”. AdventureSmart combines online and on-site awareness with targeted outreach to try and reduce the number and severity of Search and Rescue Incidents.  Current adventuresmart programs include:

  • Hug a Tree and Survive
  • Snow Safety Education Program
  • Survive Outside Program
  • Survive Outside Snowmobiling Program
  • PaddleSmart Program (Developed in partnership with Paddle Canada)

Since 2012, Paddle Canada has been working with all the partners of the AdventureSmart program and the Government of Canada to develop the newest program PaddleSmart and support and promote all other existing AdventureSmart programs.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

CWF represents over 300,000 supporters that work from coast to coast to maintain something very important — a bright future for Canada’s wildlife. Since our inception in 1962, we have worked diligently to foster this Canadian way of life. We deliver programs that encourage people to experience the great outdoors, learn about the wonders of nature and the trials it faces.  We also challenge government and industry to improve legislation and practices that negatively impact wildlife and habitat. We conduct and sponsor scientific research to help better understand how we may help wildlife.

Since 2012, CWF and PC have been working on two projects together: the Sport Ecology Park in Canada’s Capital project (among other partners such as Heritage Canada, CPAWS and Canoe Kayak Canada) and more recently WILD About Sports program with resources for educators on water, sailing, environmental education.

Canadian Canoe Foundation

The Canadian Canoe Foundation (CCF) is a charitable organization that sends Canadian youth on environmental education canoe-trips.  Our objective is to develop the next generation of environmentally informed and active citizens.  We believe that extended canoe trips provide a transformative experience that cannot be achieved in the classroom.  Only by travelling and living on a waterway can one appreciate and understand the impacts that human development is having on Canada’s natural heritage. The Foundation partners with environmental organizations in order to raise awareness of their conservation campaigns and to provide our youth participants with real-world learning opportunities.  After the canoe trip project, the youth return home as Future Leaders; informed and motivated to work with their family, friends and our partnering organizations to find sustainable solutions to environmental issues in their Watershed.

Partners on these environmental learning adventures will include: Paddle Canada’s (PC) canoeing associations, the Canadian Heritage River Systems (CHRS) and Chapters of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

Please visit our website to learn more about the CCF and our Canoe Canada 2012 project:

Rapid Media

What began in the summer of ’98 as scribbles on a bar napkin is now the world’s best paddlesports media company. Rapid Media has four paddling magazines, produces an international paddling film festival, had the very first paddling and fishing magazines in iTunes, and is the official partner of both the American Canoe Association and Paddle Canada. We’re proud of all this, but the real reason we’re the best is because we paddle and we care.

Since 2012, Rapid Media has been the official media partner of Paddle Canada (and of the American Canoe Association as well). PC members receive magazine subscriptions of their choice plus have access to discounted rates for additional title subscriptions and ability to advertise in the magazines at a discount.