Stand Up Paddleboard Program Development Committee

The mandate of the Stand Up Paddleboard Program Development Committee is to help foster the pursuit of safe recreational paddling in Canada through the development and maintenance of a program of skill, instructor and instructor training and certification that is seen as necessary, effective and fair.

Emre BosutChairpersonBC
Tony PalmerMemberPrairies
Jess RandoMemberON
Hugo LavictoireMemberQC
Alex ChandlerMemberAtlantic
Norm HannMemberNorth
Mark ScriverAdvisor

The SUP PDC wants to hear your questions, comments, concerns and feedback. Please use this button to directly contact the committee.

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Are you interested in serving on the SUP PDC?

The SUP PDC is looking for additional members to serve on the PDC. Any current Paddle SUP instructor trainer is welcome to apply.

How to apply

  1. View the complete  Terms of Reference for the Program Development Committee so you are properly informed bout the PDC.
  2. Contact us with a brief history of how your work and education relate to the work of the committee, and your goals for the PDC.

For more information on any projects or initiatives of this committee, please contact the Committee.