Partnering: Building Strong Business Relationships

It takes two to make a strong and healthy relationship.
We are looking to create something that fits both of our organizations.
Paddle Canada is pleased to tailor our partnerships comfort and success.

Company Overview

• Providing national recreational paddling skills and safety since 1972
• 2,700+ instructors run canoe, kayak, and SUP courses annually for 10,000+ clients
• Our Media (Social, Print, Program, & Digital) Impressions (2018) topped 285,341
• PaddleSmart 3 year Project Media and personal encounters as of 2018: 98,356,767

NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 4 Administration Staff and 2,700+ Instructor Members

ADVISORY TEAM: 12 National Board Members

Partner Contact E-Mail: [email protected]

Bring us your objectives and let us work with and for you to reach your target market through our quality product!

Funding Raised: 2016: $945,083.00; 2017: $764,808.00; 2017 Revenue: $1,126,121.00

Seeking Partners for: 
• 3 core National Properties
• Numerous local, regional, and national initiatives

Presenting Partners:
*Exclusive or combined relationships featuring numerous events, promotional, educational, ages, abilities, skill specific, properties (local, provincial or national local scale).

Use of Proceeds:
1. Promotion / Events
2. Program / Project Delivery
3. Membership Support

Current/Past Partners:  Blue Ant Media,  Parks Canada,  Cottage Life,  Transport Canada,  Safe Boating Council,  Rapid Media,  Canadian Department of Defense,  Evanov Radio,  Search and Rescue New Initiatives Funding,  Leave No Trace,  Ontario Tourism,  Camp Associations
Waterway Associations,  Multiple Aboriginal Services,  Canadian Canoe Museum,  Delta Kayaks,  Canadian Wildlife Foundation,  CBC Radio,  American Canoe Association,  Friends of the Rideau Canal,  Canadian Canoe Foundation,  Air Cadets,  Scouts Canada,  Canadian Junior Rangers,  OSLC (Schools) Associations,  Duke of Edinburgh Awards,  Playsafe Productions,  Multiple Municipalities,  and many more!

We are seeking national partners to mutually benefit from the support and expansion of recreational paddling skills, safety programs, and, new initiatives. We offer a competitive advantage as the only national recreational association newly open to our first cooperate sponsor.

Paddle Canada thrives on ethical, mutually beneficial partnerships, based on achievable, measurable goals. We have undertaken a thorough sponsorship survey and valuation to confirm the preferences of our audience. We know who we can make a strong and vibrant alliance with. Our partners and programs who will benefit from this relationship, and be of interest to, our members!

Measuring Through Milestones:
Paddle Canada sets, and meets or exceeds mutually agreeable, tractable milestones and reporting expectations with each partner and project.

Paddle Canada Audience Profile: 2018 Survey Highlights

*More data available through the 2018 survey process
• 85% would consider changing a purchase based on the corporate support of property – members are looking for Paddle Canada recommendations!
• 36% instructors, 28% “love to paddle”, 25% course participants
• 52% canoe, 41% sea kayak, 22% river kayak, 21%, stand up paddleboard
• 45% are aged 41 – 60
• 35% Ontario, 21% BC, 12% Alberta, 42% Remainder of the country
• 72% have no children under 18
• 58% are male
• 28% make 100 to 150 K/year, 51% make less than 100 K/year
• Banking 32% Royal Bankers, 27% TD Bankers, 18% CIBC Bankers,
19% Credit Union Bankers
• 23% drive Toyota, 16% Ford, 16% Honda
• 30% use Bell, 23% TELUS, 17% Rogers
• 63% took 2 or more vacations last year
• Social Media Use 66% use Facebook, 26% Instagram, 7% Twitter

In the next 18 Months:

•33% will buy a new vehicle
•10% will switch banks
•12% will apply for a credit card
•11% will apply for a mortgage
•94% will buy sporting equipment
•54% will renovate their home
•84% will stay in a hotel
•77% will buy airline tickets
•56% will buy insurance
•82% will book a vacation
•48% will rent a vehicle

Paddle Canada Properties

• PaddleSmart Title (Beginners, New Canadians)
• Course Title
• *Skills Courses and Instructor Certification for:
Canoeing (Lake, Moving Water, Poling, Canoe Tripping, Big Canoe, Coastal Canoeing, and Style); Kayaking Sean and Ocean and Rolling Clinics); Stand Up Paddle Boarding

• Youth Clinic Program Provincial/National
                      • Adaptive / abilities Committee Provincial/National
• Instructor training
• Hands Across the Water
• National Paddling Week Title (2nd Week of June) Annually
• Contesting
• Street Team Title
• Duke of Edinburgh Title Provincial/National
• Online Training Sponsor
• Cottage Crowd Host
• Northern Outreach

Two Bill Mason Tribute Programs:
*(Recognizing the late Bill Mason,  Canadian canoeist environmentalist, filmmaker, photographer, and artist)

• Waterwalker Film Festival: National
• Bill Mason Scholarship