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Camping in a kayak on the ocean with a sunset.
Location: Bay of Fundy, Saint John, New Brunswick. Photo credit: Adam Constantine

SKGABC Exemption from Paddle Canada Course Prerequisites

In conjunction with the SKGABC, Paddle Canada is very proud to announce a plan where those with current SKGABC certifications can gain advanced standing for Paddle Canada courses by using SKGABC certification and subsequent kayaking experience in place of some prerequisites.

In British Columbia there are several organizations that offer kayak training for professionals in the outdoors. While the guiding program offered by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC (SKGABC) is fundamentally different, it complements Paddle Canada’s program quite well.

The diagram below illustrates which SKGABC certifications can be used as prerequisites for Paddle Canada courses. For example, a candidate who is an Assistant Overnight Guide (AOG) should have the experience and sea kayaking skills to register for a Level-2 skills course. If the candidate decided to pursue instructor certification they would also have the necessary prerequisites to register for a Basic Instructor course without first being required to get their Level-1 skills.

skgabc exemption from course prerequisites

Any certification achieved through these exceptions must be gained through successful completion of a course.

If you are a SKGABC member and interested in pursuing Paddle Canada certification, please contact the course director for the course you are interested in or the Paddle Canada head office. You can also review all individual sea kayak program syllabuses, including all prerequisites.