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Sea Kayak Program Development Committee Public Consultation Pilot Project

The Sea Kayak Program Development Committee is proud to announce the start of a new pilot project to help increase communication and engagement with Paddle Canada instructor members.

As part of the pilot project, we are committing to publish drafts and solicit feedback on any major policy or program changes to the sea kayak syllabus.

The proposed process will be as follows:

  1. PDC or member brings forward a suggested change to the program.

  2. The PDC evaluates it to determine if it is a minor or major policy change.

  3. If it is a minor change than the PDC will make a decision and (if approved) will update the manual as they have done in the past.

  4. If it is a major change than the PDC will work to develop a draft which will be posted on the Paddle Canada website for public consultation for a period of 10 business days.

  5. Once the public consultation period is complete, the PDC will review any feedback and make their decisions accordingly.

  6. The updated policy (along with any other program updates) will be presented to the Paddle Canada Board of Directors for final approval at which time will be publicly announced in the manual.

To accommodate the extra time it will take to incorporate public consultation into our policy development process, we have extended our working deadline from December 31 to January 31. This means that any new changes to the manual will be made available to the public in early February.

For news and any requests for public consultation please visit the Sea Kayak Program Development Committee’s web page.

Please note that as with any other pilot project, this process isn’t 100% set in stone. It will likely get adjusted as we sort out the fine details over the coming months.