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True North Youth Foundation – Camp Manitou Training Centre

Headingley, Manitoba

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Main Location: Headingley, Manitoba

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True North Youth Foundation - Camp Manitou Training Centre offers courses in different disciplines, empowering individuals with diverse skills and experiences the ability to both enjoy and provide leadership in outdoor/wilderness settings. Paddle Canada courses are one of the professional training disciplines we offer at our facility. Our Paddle Canada courses focus on novice paddlers and revolve around mastering Introductory Lake Canoe Tandem and Solo skills in a secure, man-made lake environment. This setting provides an ideal platform for individuals to build confidence and proficiency before embarking on more challenging waters. We also offer Waterfront Canoeing Tandem Skills to those working with youth, as well as to youth in Camping, School and Not-for-Profit sectors. Our courses meet the requirements of the Manitoba Education MPASS document.

Languages Offered: English

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Canoeing Instruction

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