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Classic Canoeing

Chelsea, Quebec

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Main Location: Chelsea, Quebec

Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer Becky Mason offers solo and tandem clinics and PC accredited skills and Instructor courses at p-12 the Meech Lake boat launch, Quebec.

BASIC SOLO skills course is designed to introduce new canoeists to canoeing or for people who like to learn nice and slowly. Includes canoe and paddle appreciation, paddling strokes and safe canoeing practices. Learn the skills that will enable you to put your canoe exactly where you want it to go. Skills covered: forward and back paddling, pivots, side-slips, C-Stroke and controlled stopping and safe canoeing practices.

ADVANCED SOLO skills course aim is to make your stroke the most efficient it can be so all the momentum of the canoe is utilized. Content covered: A review of Basic Solo plus a selection of these strokes: Canadian, Indian, Box, Bow Jam & Cut, Circle, Low Brace Turn, and Sculling draw and more.

CLASSIC TANDEM introduces both novice and experienced canoeist to the finer points of efficient tandem canoeing skills. Content will include: forward & back paddling, stationary and power pivots, side-slips, and landings with an emphasis on communication. A class everyone will enjoy even if your skill levels vary.

For the clinics it is recommend to book a minimum of 2 sessions of 2 hours each = 4 hours total. Available mornings, afternoons and evenings. Max. 3 person for Solo and 5 people Tandem clinics. Please inquire about Paddle Canada certification and custom or private courses and rates.

Languages Offered: English

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