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Candlebox Kayaking

Shelburne, Nova Scotia

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Main Location: Shelburne, Nova Scotia

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We're based at the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club and Marina in historic Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Our training and tour opportunities utilize multiple venues in beautiful Southwestern Nova Scotia. We're proud to have guides certified with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC and Instructors certified with Paddle Canada serve our guests. From thrill to chill, we have tours and coaching available for everyones excitement level!

Whitewater Kayak Skills Training:
Our very popular whitewater kayaking school typically offers four beginner and intermediate training opportunities (2-day programs) in the spring and fall.

Sea Kayak Skills Training:
Our sea kayak skills training typically begins in May and extends through to October. We offer a range of training opportunities from Paddle Canada's Waterfront Skills through to Level-3 Skills.

Sea Kayak Instructor Training:
We're proud to offer Paddle Canada's Waterfront, Basic, and Level-1 Instructor Training in a "stand alone" course format or through mentorships.

Sea Kayak Guide Training:
We partner with Sea Kayak Instruction & Leadership Systems to offer SKGABC guide training at our base in Shelburne.

Sea Kayak Tours:
We offer family friendly 1/2 day tours and evening tours in historic Shelburne Harbour. We also specialize in 1/2 day tours of Port Mouton, Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, and offer multi-day tours in the Tusket Islands and Lobster Bay. We also provide custom tour services.

Languages Offered: English, German

Disciplines Offered

Camping Skills Instruction

River Kayaking Instruction

Sea Kayaking Instruction

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