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River Of Hope

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1 SUP, 650 Km, 10 Days

Mental Health.

It is slowly becoming more openly discussed.

What once was in the shadows is being brought to the light. My hope is one-day having support for mental health is approached as having a personal trainer for your mind.

Initially, paddling down The Athabasca River from Jasper to Athabasca, AB was just that. A paddler pushing personal boundaries and exploring waterways.

Sometimes we have to speak up before we stand up and paddle away. 

That is why partnering with the following organizations regarding mental health is so important. 

Please check out the following:

Project All In

Center For Suicide Prevention

Brave Viking

The goal is simple enough. Raise $1 per kilometer paddled: $650 total. (Update: this has been easily surpassed). Intrinsically they’re all tied to the same context but each has a different story and path to follow. 

The end game is the same. Stop the stigma, ease suffering, and create conversation instead of silence. 

So, as I paddle the river on long physically, and mentally exhausting days, I understand that I am choosing to inflict this on myself. Not everyone gets that choice. Many people live trapped in their own minds, unable to walk away from the pain.

For those people I paddle, bring light to the dark and stand up for! 

Please join me virtually as I paddle and share your #riverofhopepaddle pics and stories too!

Check out @love_nsup and @reta.sends on Instagram and Follow Love N Sup on Facebook August 10-20th my InReach should update my location as I paddle anywhere from 25-91 km each day. There are some amazing stories and coincidences to come out even before the paddle begins. Stay tuned!

Lisa Stocking
AQ Ambassador
CANRVRSUP Instructor