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Renew Your Membership Now to Get All of The Best Benefits

On behalf of the Paddle Canada, its board of directors and committees, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Paddle Canada had a very successful 2015 and saw more growth in courses and membership.  Thanks for your help in that success. We are expecting that trend to continue in 2016.  

January 1 marks the beginning of the renewal time for instructor members.  Renew by now and by January 15 to receive all 4 Issues of your choice of Rapid Media magazine title. We hope we can count on your support again in 2016.  

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Unlock Over $4000 in value:

  • $2000 value in insurance (if you were to purchase coverage on your own)
  • $2000 or more value in pro-deal discount savings from 13 partners
  • $17.95 value in a Rapid Media Magazine subscription of your choice

Personal & Paddling Program Benefits

  • Improved and additional instructor resources / manuals
  • Improved access to certification maintenance and professional development clinics
  • Opportunities to expand and develop new paddling programs like recent Waterfront Kayak, SUP, Big Canoe, and a new sit-on-top rec kayak program, to meet an ever changing paddle sport.

The Industry Benefits as your member dollars support our attendance at:

Please note the membership rate increases to $90 per year and will be fixed here for at least 3 years. The last rate increase was in 2013. There were many reasons for this decision: 

  • increased costs of business (software, bank fees, legal and accounting services, office expenses).
  • finance the replacement of our 7 year old online software to manage our membership, certification and course registration – up to $30,000 is needed.
  • provide special project funding of $15,000 or more annually, over next 3 years, towards Instructor Development (more online resources, certification maintenance clinics) and French translation of program manuals.

We appreciate your support as we take on these new projects.


Graham Ketcheson
Executive Director

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