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Paddling Pathways Book


“Not your typical collection of paddling stories, of the “been there, done that” variety, the stories in this book explore the finer nuances as to what draws us to paddling, and what we take away from our time on the water. Whether you canoe or kayak; paddle rivers, lakes, or oceans; or paddle with friends, alone or as a guide, you will find a story here that you will relate to, maybe in a surprising way. What an interesting and wonderful paddling journey I had while reading these stories!”~Michelle McShane, Executive Director, Paddle Canada


Purchase your copy from Paddle Canada and a portion of each book sold will help support our Youth Paddling Grant! You may even recognize some of the authors as Paddle Canada Instructors!

$40 each, including shipping and a $12 donation to the Youth Paddling Grant, made possible by our collaboration with Bob Henderson, co-Editor of Paddling Pathways.

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