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Paddle Canada to Launch SUP program next spring

Media Release (copy)

Paddle Canada to release SUP program next spring

Paddle Canada has announced that it is developing a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) program for release next spring!

Stand Up Paddleboarding uses a large surfboard and a long canoe paddle to travel on oceans, rivers and flatwater while standing. SUP has an ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian history, but has seen a recent explosion of interest on all types of water bodies. In fact, paddleboarding is reported to be the fastest growing watersport in the world!

Paddle Canada has formed a small group to develop the SUP program. The program will include both participant levels, as well as instructor and instructor-trainer programs.
Paddle Canada’s program development group consists of Mike Darbyshire from British Columbia, Albertan Tony Palmer and Mark Scriver of Ontario. Each member was chosen because he is an experienced paddleboarder and an active paddling instructor. Together, they bring wide-ranging experiences SUP paddling and instructing on lakes, rivers and the ocean.

According to Palmer, “We are keeping the program development group small for efficiency’s sake, but we are genuinely seeking input from the widest possible range of existing and future SUP instructors. The process is very inclusive!” Palmer noted that any comments or feedback can be forwarded to [email protected].

Paddle Canada is the not-for-profit body that represents recreational paddling in Canada. Its 900+ canoe and kayak instructors successfully and consistently deliver the message of safe and enjoyable paddling to thousands of paddlers annually. According to Paddle Canada’s Executive Director, Graham Ketcheson, “Creatingthis SUP program is a natural extension of Paddle Canada’s mission to support recreational paddling in Canada. Stand Up Paddleboarding will benefit from Paddle Canada’s nearly 40 years of experience serving Canada’s paddlers and paddling  instructors, our experience-proven resources and support from our full-time office and our dedicated volunteers!”


About Paddle Canada
Founded in 1971, Paddle Canada (formerly the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association) arose from the need of recreational paddling enthusiasts from across anada to co-ordinate the efforts of non-competitive canoeing and kayaking.

From the very start, one of the long term goals of the association was the development of standard skill sets for safe and enjoyable recreational canoeing and kayaking; standards that could be portable and recognized anywhere in our vast and beautiful country.

Under the leadership and expertise of its Board of Directors Paddle Canada worked diligently, in cooperation with its Provincial/Territorial Member Associations, instructors from across the country, its members and the paddling public to achieve this goal. Paddle Canada’s first success was the creation of a national program for Canoeing. National standards for Sea Kayaking and River Kayaking would also follow as those activities grew in popularity among recreational paddlers.

Today, Paddle Canada’s national paddling programs have proven themselves to be the ideal mechanism to extend and deliver our mandates of environmental awareness and protection as well as the preservation of the canoe and kayak as a part of our national heritage. More Canadians are, and continue to be, exposed to Paddle Canada’s message through our instructional programs.

Contact SUP PDC Chairperson Tony Palmer for comment or questions – [email protected].