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Paddle Canada to create an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy

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What is an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy?
“An EDI Strategy is a roadmap to ensure an intentional approach to identifying and achieving institution-
wide equity, diversity, and inclusion priorities and goals.
Equity may be considered both an approach and a process that recognizes the existence of systemic
social inequalities and introduces actions to proactively reduce, if not remove, institutional structural
and cultural barriers to equal opportunity and inclusion.
Diversity is a state or condition that reflects the broad ‘mix’ and layers, of differences in any community.
Inclusion is a sense of belonging and dignity, as well as the experience of meaningful engagement,
empowerment, and equality of opportunity in any community.”
(source: McMaster University)

Why do we need one?
As a national organization, promoting and representing an activity that does not present equal
opportunity to all people in Canada, it is important for us to do the work to create a safe, inclusive and
a welcoming environment for all Canadians.
Of the values that guide us (identified in our current strategic plan) there are two that will rely on us
creating an effective EDI strategy to fulfill:
Respectful: We respect and are responsive to our cultural diversity.
Welcoming: We foster warm, fun, inclusive, and supportive environments.

How are we going to do this?
This is where you, our members come in! We would like to create a small task force to develop a
strategy for Paddle Canada staff, Directors, and Committees that aligns with our current goals and
values. We invite any Paddle Canada member to reach out if you are interested in being part of this task
force. We are seeking a diverse team of 4-6 members to work with our Executive Director and our BC
Director to help develop this strategy. We hope to begin work in early September. If you are interested,
please reach out to [email protected] by August 15.