The Paddle Canada National Canoeing Program

The National Canoe Program was launched in 2009 and consists of three distinct levels. In order to successfully progress through each level, paddlers should gain considerable paddling experience between courses. In all courses, paddlers are taught the Leave No Trace principles of environmental awareness and protection.


The Introduction Canoe Program is designed to introduce participants to canoeing in the various disciplines. The program emphasizes learning boat control to teach paddlers the skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun.


The Intermediate Canoe Program course is designed to introduce participants to the thrill of paddling at a higher level. Emphasis is on greater boat control, safety and fun.


The Advanced Canoe program is the highest level of certification awarded and is designed to offer candidates the opportunity to improve their skills under more challenging conditions.

Canoeing Programs

Lake Canoe (includes waterfront and canoeing basics)

Style Canoe

Moving Water Canoe

Canoe Tripping

Canoe Poling

Big Canoe

Coastal Canoeing

Instructor Certification Transfer

Instructors from other disciplines with current certifications can challenge any instructor level by seeing an appropriate Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer. This process may not guarantee a full transfer. The Instructor Trainer may require additional mentorship for Paddle Canada’s programs.

The process may include but is not limited to:

  • assisting on an instructor course(s) and/or
  • a private evaluation
  • a mentorship fee usually is charged by the trainer

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