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Paddle Canada Instructor Maintenance Clinics for Moving Water Canoe Instructor and Lake Canoe Instructor

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Intermediate and Advanced Moving Water and Lake Canoe
Friday May 12 (6:00 p.m.) – Sunday May 14, 2017 (done by 2:00 p.m.)

A spring paddling clinic to share ideas, refresh skills and teaching techniques and continue to grow our sport.

Who is this for?
Any currently certified Paddle Canada Moving Water at the Intermediate or Advanced level, as well as Lake Canoe Instructors of all levels.

Why join us?
The paddling instructional community is widespread and all too often we do not have the chance to paddle with and learn from other instructors. Coming together allows us to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. We will review any changes to PC policies and teaching philosophies, and more importantly get out and paddle and teach each other. Some neat topics we will also cover include using video analysis to give feedback in your lessons, as well as covering the concepts of a learning contract, and how to incorporate experiential learning into your lessons. If you are interested in attending, please also feel free to contact us with topics you’d like to discuss or practice.

Gull River, Minden, Ontario

The Gull is a fantastic venue as it has a large flat water lake section immediately after the run out of the rapids, which range from class I to III. This allows for quick transitions and opportunities for both Lake and Moving Water instructors to be at the same location.
This location is less than 2.5 hours from Toronto and 3.5 hours from Ottawa. There is camping available riverside, but no indoor accommodations. We will be using an indoor, heated space for any classroom sessions. The town of Minden is close by and has a number of hotels/motels/B&Bs.

Please bring your lunches or food to prepare them with each day and be ready to be on the water for extended periods of time regardless of the weather.

IT Profiles

Stef McArdle: Advanced instructor trainer in Moving Water, intermediate instructor trainer in Lake Canoe, former Head Instructor at Madawaska Kanu Centre, expedition canoe tripping guide with Black Feather, and owner operator of S and K Expeditions in Northern British Columbia, 14 years of instructional experience.

Matt Cuccaro: Advanced instructor trainer in Moving Water, member of the Canadian freestyle team, college instructor with the Algonquin College Outdoor Adventure Program, 25 years experience in providing instruction and instructor training.

Jill Baxter: Advanced instructor trainer in Lake Canoe and Canoe Tripping, owner operator of Bear Creek Outdoor Center and Canadian Wilderness Medical Training, 25 plus years of guiding and instructional experience.

$250/person ($100 deposit upon registration to hold your spot).

For more information contact Stef McArdle (613) 914-4889, Matt Cuccaro (613) 281-5455, or Jill Baxter (613)889-7262, [email protected] or to register visit Upon registration you will receive additional information regarding the site, logistics and timing.