Paddle Canada Course Fees


Base Fee
All Courses$ 30.00 per instructor/ratio
All Clinics$ 5.00 flat rate up to a maximum of $50 per year
All Waterfront Canoe & Kayak$ 5.00 flat rate up to a maximum of $50 per year


Small User Fee for courses with only 1 or 2 participants*

*Discontinued for 2019

Paddle Canada rates as they apply to the current manual standards. Ratios and discipline names may be subject to change based on changes to the program.

To be more specific, please refer to the chart below:

Skill LevelRatioCourse Base FeeClinic Base Fee
Waterfront Canoe1:10$5.00$5.00
Canoeing Basic Skills1:10$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Intro Tandem1:10$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Intro Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Intermediate Tandem1:10$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Intermediate Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Advance Tandem1:10$30.00$5.00
Lake Canoe Advanced Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Introduction Tandem1:8$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Introduction Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Intermediate Tandem1:8$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Intermediate Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Advanced Tandem1:8$30.00$5.00
Moving Water Canoe Advanced Solo1:6$30.00$5.00
Canoe Tripping Tandem and Solo1:8$30.00$5.00
Canoe Tripping Advanced Tandem and Solo1:8$30.00$5.00
Canoe Poling Introduction Solo1:5$30.00$5.00
Canoe Poling Intermediate Solo1:5$30.00$5.00
Canoe Poling Advanced Solo1:5$30.00$5.00
Big Canoe Intro1:12$30.00$5.00
Big Canoe Intermediate1:12$30.00$5.00
Big Canoe Advanced1:12$30.00$5.00
Coastal Canoeing Intro1:9$30.00$5.00
Coastal Canoeing Intermediate1:9$30.00$5.00
Coastal Canoeing Advanced2:8$30.00$5.00
Style Canoeing Intro1:6$30.00$5.00
Style Canoeing Intermediate1:6$30.00$5.00
Style Canoeing Advanced1:6$30.00$5.00
River Kayaking
Beginner River Kayak1:6$30.00$5.00
Intermediate River Kayak1:6$30.00$5.00
Advanced River Kayak1:6$30.00$5.00
Sea Kayaking
Waterfront Kayak1:6$5.00$5.00
Basic Kayak1:6$30.00 $5.00
Level-1 Skills1:6$30.00$5.00
Level-2 Skills1:4$30.00$5.00
Level-3 Skills1:4$30.00$5.00
Level-4 Skills1:4$30.00$5.00
Kayak Rolling
Kayak Rolling1:6$30.00$5.00
Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
Basic SUP1:6$30.00$5.00
Advanced Flatwater SUP1:6$30.00$5.00
Touring 1 SUP1:6$30.00$5.00
Touring 2 SUP1:4$30.00$5.00
Surf 1 SUP1:4$30.00$5.00
Surf 2 SUP1:4$30.00$5.00
River 1 – SUP1:6$30.00$5.00
River 2 – SUP1:6$30.00$5.00

Add $30 for each additional instructor required.


  • A Lake Intro Skills Tandem run in Alberta  (1:10) with 15 participants requires two instructors. The ratio would therefore be increased to 2:20 (2 x 1:10) and the course fee would therefore be 2 x $30 = $60 + $3 GST = $63.
  • A Sea Kayaking Level-1 Skills run in Nova Scotia (1:6) with eight participants requires either two instructors (or one instructor + one apprentice).  For two instructors, ratio is increased to 2:12 (2 x 1:6) course fee would therefore be 2 x $30 = $60 + $9 HST = $69.
Base Fee
Renewing Instructors$99.99
New Instructor Candidates$99.99
Waterfront Canoe Instructor*$20.00
Big Canoe Intermediate & Advanced Leaders$20.00
Upgrading Instructor Candidates$10.00

* This applies only when member’s only certification is Waterfront Canoe Instructor.  If other canoe instructor certs (or kayak or SUP ) are held, then the rate is $99.99