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A student learning intermediate canoe poling techniques on the Hammond River, NB with Tim Humes.
Location: Hammond River, New Brunswick. Photo Credit Tim Humes

Paddle Canada Course Fees

Paddle Canada course fees and rates as they apply to the current manual standards. Ratios and discipline names may be subject to change based on changes to the program. To be more specific, please refer to the chart below.

Instructor Membership Fees

Renewing Instructors$99.99
New Instructor Candidates$99.99
Waterfront Canoe Instructor*$50.00**
Big Canoe Intermediate & Advanced Leaders$50.00
Upgrading Instructor Candidates$10.00

* This applies only when the member’s only certification is Waterfront Canoe Instructor. If other canoe instructor certs (or kayak or SUP ) are held, then the rate is $99.99

** Youth, up to the age of 25 pay $25