North Water Pro Purchase Program

Paddle Canada is proud to announce their partnership with Canada’s most innovative manufacturer of paddlesport equipment: North Water. North Water’s longstanding commitment to dynamic product development, excellence in design, and Canadian manufacturing quality place them in an ideal position to support canoe and kayak instructors of all disciplines from coast to coast to coast.

North Water is pleased to announce they have worked very hard to keep their pricing steady or at reduced prices over the last couple of years. As far as our ProDeal program for Paddle Canada Instructors, we can offer our regular items MSRP (Retail) -40%. For custom work such as our Canoe Decks we can offer wholesale pricing. All orders ship prepaid and for canoe decks there is a 50% deposit required before we will begin to build the deck. Instructors need to contact North Water at [email protected] or call 1-800-567-9283. Prices can be viewed at here.

We are very pleased to re-state that we still build our own goods in our own factory here in Vancouver.

This is our Guarantee to you: When you buy North Water you are buying our experience and dedication to quality. If you are not 100% convinced your purchase is the most versatile and well designed piece of equipment for its intended purpose, let us know and we will:

1. Change it to your specifications
2. Replace it with something else

North Water fully backs our workmanship.

Information on how to access this pro-deal can be found in the instructors member area of our website.

Paddle Canada gratefully acknowledges North Water’s support of our national programs and instructors through the Pro Feedback user program. Through such initiatives North Water contributes to a safer and more exciting paddling community.