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Priscilla Haskin

50 Years, 50 People: Priscilla Haskin

Anyone who has been part of Paddle Canada over the past 20 years or so, especially in the canoeing community, will know Priscilla Haskin. In 2007, she joined the Board of Directors as the Alberta Director, a position she held until 2016. During those years, she also served as our Treasurer, President, and continues to … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Brian Johnston

Brian has been part of Paddle Canada since the 1990’s, eventually becoming an active volunteer in 2004. He is a long time member of the Canoe Program Committee, and contributed greatly to the scribing and editing of the many of our canoe manuals now being used (no small task!). In more recent years, he was … Continued

Safe Boating: Only You Can Make A Difference

Every year we look forward to getting back on the water soon after the ice melts. We brush off the dust from our watercraft that’s been safely stored away. We inspect it and make certain all is well; no bumps, scratches, or holes. We shake out the charts and maps of our favorite lakes and … Continued

June Mahood

50 Years, 50 People: June Mahood

We are saddened and shocked by the news of the passing of June Mahood.  Paddle Canada has lost one of its best (and first!) Executive Directors. Indeed, June was an exceptional and detail-driven leader of people. She had the ability to see what needed to be done and do something about it! A great organizer, … Continued

Tony in a kayak

50 Years, 50 People: Tony Palmer

If you have volunteered with Paddle Canada over the past 20 years, at some point you have likely worked with Tony. He started his volunteer career with Paddle Canada in 1994 as our Alberta Director, followed by a couple of years as the Western VP. For roughly 12 years, he penned a regular article, “The … Continued

A photo of Bill Palmer.

50 Years, 50 People: Bill Palmer

From 1915 to 1996 Bill Palmer and the Miramichi river were inseparable. His first trip on the fabled New Brunswick river was in the early 1920s, in a rowing canoe. For more than seven decades, “Mr. Miramichi” – an educator, instructor, and inspiration – was instrumental in introducing thousands to the joys and pleasures of … Continued

5 Reasons To Become A Paddle Canada Instructor 

Working 9-5 what a way to make living…  Are you pining for more out of life? Have you considered teaching paddle sports? Starting your own business?  We want to support you! Great teachers are mentored and created, no one was born knowing everything; we all learn from someone. This is your chance to join other … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Alan Goodridge

Alan Goodridge is one of the unsung heroes of paddling in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.   As a long-serving member of the various paddling organizations in Newfoundland & Labrador since the 1980s, Alan can be counted on to serve in whatever capacity is needed in any given year and has served as President of … Continued

50th Anniversary Trucker Hat

In celebration of 50 years, we have a desigend a special edition trucker hat! Pre-orders now open!! $45/hat, includes shipping and taxes. Delivery in Canada only at this time. Orders close Saturday May 1, 2021. Hats will be shipped mid May.

50 Years, 50 People: Martyn Williams

Martyn Williams is probably best known as a mountain and wilderness guide with expeditions to Everest, a crossing of Antarctica, and both the North and South Pole, including the Pole to Pole expedition in 2000 that he organized and led-all under human power. But…did you know that he was our first Yukon Director way back … Continued