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50 Years, 50 People: Charles Burchill

Charles Burchill, of Winnipeg Manitoba, has had numerous nominations to have his name on this list. The common theme in each nomination is of his generosity when it comes to sharing the art of canoeing with others. Be it through his free, online instructional videos, donating proceeds from his courses to the Bill Mason Scholarship … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: David Johnston

David Johnston first started with Paddle Canada (then still under the name Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association) in 1998 as an employee. At the time, we owned a building in Merrickville, Ontario where we offered programs on-site, and David was hired as the Program Coordinator. He held this position for four years, leaving the position as … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Claudia Kerckhoff-Van Wijk

Claudia is perhaps one of the most influential women in paddling in Canada. She has inspired thousands of people to either try whitewater canoeing, kayaking and rafting or to train and polish their paddling skills.  Officially this has been done through courses and paddling at her family-owned business (also celebrating 50 years!) Madawaska Kanu Centre … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Becky Mason

Becky Mason acquired her paddling skills and her fondness for canoes from her father, Bill Mason, the author and filmmaker of the Path of the Paddle series. She continues the family tradition of sharing her passion for canoeing through her paddling instruction, film-making, writing, paddling workshops, demonstrations, and presentations. She is also a visual artist with a … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Blair Doyle

A lifelong paddler, volunteer, and leader in the Nova Scotia paddling community, Blair Doyle is always enthusiastic about getting people outside and helping them safely enjoy their environment. He served on the Board of Directors of Paddle Canada from 2007-2013, as our Nova Scotia Director, Treasurer, and finally as President from 2010-2013. When he first … Continued

River Of Hope

1 SUP, 650 Km, 10 Days Mental Health. It is slowly becoming more openly discussed. What once was in the shadows is being brought to the light. My hope is one-day having support for mental health is approached as having a personal trainer for your mind. Initially, paddling down The Athabasca River from Jasper to … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Neil Hartling

Neil was an active CRCA instructor when he was building his company (Nahanni River Adventures). Canoeing was at the heart of the company and to provide an alternative to rafts on the “River of Gold`. He developed the 28′ Voyageur canoes that could be disassembled into 8 pieces and transported in a Twin Otter aircraft … Continued

Youth in a big canoe.

Youth Paddling Grant

One of the goals in our current strategic plan is to diversify our paddling community, which specifically includes supporting youth, and collaborating with partners that engage with youth. As such, we have been working with Get Kids Paddling, an organization that is committed to supporting the growth and design of programs that can introduce and … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Scott Cunningham

  Scott began as a canoeist in the 70s and into the 80s, in 1981 he started Coastal Adventures and began running tours along the 100 Wild Islands (archipelago which is now owned by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust).   Scott got his start with his friend Paul Potter, when they decided to circumnavigate Nova Scotia … Continued

Sup board and jetboat ona beach

Ripple Effect: The One Thing You Might Be Forgetting To Take On The Water

Humans are instinctively a self absorbed species, essentially that’s how we survived. We are also inherently kind and caring but oftentimes we just don’t realize our effect on others. It’s impossible to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes if we haven’t experienced it ourselves. This pertains to everything in life. It’s hard to imagine being … Continued