50 Years, 50 People: Neil Hartling

50 Years, 50 People: Neil Hartling

Neil was an active CRCA instructor when he was building his company (Nahanni River Adventures). Canoeing was at the heart of the company and to provide an alternative to rafts on the “River of Gold`. He developed the 28′ Voyageur canoes that could be disassembled into 8 pieces and transported in a Twin Otter aircraft … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Scott Cunningham

  Scott began as a canoeist in the 70s and into the 80s, in 1981 he started Coastal Adventures and began running tours along the 100 Wild Islands (archipelago which is now owned by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust).   Scott got his start with his friend Paul Potter, when they decided to circumnavigate Nova Scotia … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Brian Creer

Brian signed on to CRCA when John Eberhard visited him in Vancouver in 1974. Brian thought it was a good idea to create a Provincial partner with a National organization. And, he did! He is regarded in BC as the ‘grandfather’ of recreational canoeing. The association takes pride in knowing that he taught Bill Mason … Continued

Priscilla Haskin

50 Years, 50 People: Priscilla Haskin

Anyone who has been part of Paddle Canada over the past 20 years or so, especially in the canoeing community, will know Priscilla Haskin. In 2007, she joined the Board of Directors as the Alberta Director, a position she held until 2016. During those years, she also served as our Treasurer, President, and continues to … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Martyn Williams

Martyn Williams is probably best known as a mountain and wilderness guide with expeditions to Everest, a crossing of Antarctica, and both the North and South Pole, including the Pole to Pole expedition in 2000 that he organized and led-all under human power. But…did you know that he was our first Yukon Director way back … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Cathy Allooloo

Cathy’s name being on this list of 50 people was suggested to us by a few people, and as we learned more about her, and her contributions and accomplishments, there is no doubt that Paddle Canada is honoured to count her among our numbers! This instalment in this series is a little different, in that … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Kirk Wipper

Kirk was a lifetime canoeing advocate, an inspiration, and a mentor to many. He was an educator, a volunteer with many camping and paddling organizations, including 45 years with the Royal Lifesaving Society, a national director of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Canada, and an avid collector of canoes, (his collection forming the opening … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Mark Lund

Mark was a very early participant in the leadership of Paddle Canada. He was one of the original Alberta representatives to an organizational meeting in 1972 at Camp Kandalore “when the CRCA was originally considered”. The Kandalore meeting recalls the beginnings of what we now know as the Canadian Canoe Museum and the ongoing national canoe … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Claude Cousineau

Claude Cousineau is one of six original founding Board members of the Canadian Canoeing Association (incorporated in 1972), which subsequently became the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA) in April 1976 through Supplementary Letters Patent.  His expertise in canoeing developed through his camping and tripping skills as a teenager. He contributed to the work of the Canadian … Continued

50 Years, 50 People: Richard Faulkner

In 1974, Richard attended the Atlantic Canoe School directed by Sue Cousineau. Later that year John Eberhard and Ron Johnstone visited him at Riverside school where he was a teacher. He was invited to become the CRCA board representative for New Brunswick and to work with Bill Palmer in formalizing a provincial recreational canoeing association … Continued