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New SUP Program Manual Version 3.0 Now Available

The SUP PDC has just released a new version (3.0 March 2013) of the SUP Program Manual.  Login to your instructor member area to download a copy of manual now.

Here is a list of the changes to manual:

Version 3.0, March 2013

  • New: Added this manual change log to track changes between manual versions. New: Added the entry-level instructor certification (SUP-Intro.I), valid to teach SUP-Intro only.
  • New: Renamed SUP-FWI to SUP-AFWI, and modified the program appropriately to accommodate the new SUP-Intro.I program.
  • New: Revised the program chart to reflect the above revisions.
  • New: Increased minimum age for instructor certifications to 18, except the SUP-Intro.I, which remains at 16 years of age.
  • New: Added general information regarding First Aid certification considerations.
  • New: Changed the First Aid recommendations for Instructors to prerequisites.
  • Updated: Described minimum instructor course length in both hours and days for clarification.
  • Added additional safety skills to all instructor courses in the program.
  • Updated: Made corrections.
  • Updated: Grammatical and editorial changes to clarify and to improve readability.