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New Proposed Paddle Canada By-Laws For Approval by Membership

New Paddle Canada By-Laws are now posted for the membership to review and approve.

pdfDRAFT 2014 Paddle Canada By-Laws

Online voting will be opened at least 45 days prior to a Special Meeting at which time the vote results will be confirmed.  This Special Meeting will be scheduled for sometime after May 15, 2014. Voting will be eligible to any current paid up 2014 instructor or individual member. 

These new DRAFT By-Laws contain many changes pertaining to your rights as a member, enabling both the Board of Directors along with the membership, to better govern itself.  Please consider and review this document carefully!

Reason For The Amendment

It is the PC Boards intent to:

  • keep current with new not-for-profit corporation regulations
  • align new by-laws with PC’s new strategic plan (2013)
  • change the organization from a registered not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario to a registered Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporation, in which case our By-Laws now need to to conform to the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act 2009.

As per our current pdfBy-Laws (2007), Article 11 states that “the Board may from time to time update its By-Laws for the orderly transaction of business.” Article 12 states that “a notice of amendments must be circulated at least for 90 day period prior to the next AGM or a Special Meeting where a vote will be taken by members.  A two-thirds majority approving the amendment is necessary to ratify Constitutional amendment.”